2025 Competition


  • 1st Prize : €35.000
  • 2nd Prize : €20.000
  • 3rd Prize : €12.000
  • 4th Prize : €8.000
  • 5th Prize : €6.000

Prize endowment

  • Prize of the Fondation Michelin
  • Prize of the Fondation BNP Paribas
  • Prize of the Fondation Albert II de Monaco
  • Prize of the City of Paris
  • Prize of the Fondation de France
  • Prize of the Fondation Long-Thibaud
  • Prize of André Chevillion-Yvonne Bonnaud
    under the auspices of the Fondation de France

Audience prize

  • Prize of the Rotary Club of Paris

Special prizes

The winners will be invited to numerous festivals in order to help them to launch their careers :

Festival de La Chaise-Dieu
– Festival Arcades
– Gstaad New Year Music Festival
– Festival Folies du Touquet
– Festival Musiques en Vercors
– Festival du Vigan
– Festival Chopin de Nohant
– Festival de la Fondation Cziffra
– Les Grands Crus Musicaux
– International Music Festival Katya Popova (Pleven-Bulgarie)
– Festival Le Vent sur L’Arbre
– Festival Radio France Montpellier
– Vilnius Festival (Lituanie)

The winner will be invited to perform during the grand evening of July 14th at the “Concert de Paris” in front of 400,000 peoples.